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Getting Started:

How do I start using this app?
Press 'Start Recording' and talk freely in the direction of your device. When done, press 'Stop' and wait for the app to process and transcribe your spoken words

How do I change the settings?
On the bottom left of the screen, press the '+' sign to open the menu. There you can select your output language, the level of text simplification and the orientation of the displayed transcription. To close the menu, press '-'

When I purchase the App, what do I get?
Buying the app allows you to use it with your own OpenAI API Key. Since accessing GPT-4o via API is not a free service you will have to have an account with OpenAI. Alternatively you can also buy credits to keep using the app without having to have an API Key.

Why isn't the app free?
Since OpenAI API is not a free service, we have to cover for the 50 free transcriptions we offer to try the app. And to keep the app ad free we decided to charge a small fee for all the work that goes into it

How do I get an OpenAI Key?
Open an account with OpenAI and generate a key in your API settings. A detailed guide is available here: API Key Guide

Functionality and Usage:

How does the app simplify sentences?
The AI is prompted with very specific instructions on how to transcribe and translate text files

How accurate is the translation feature?
The translations are very accurate, but as with any digital translations there might be slight errors

Is there a transcription limit?
Yes, there is. To fit the transcribed text neatly on the screen, the recording is limited to 30-40 seconds depedning on the level of simplification. Also remeber, the less there is to read of the other person the more fluid the conversation will be

Is it possible to save or export the transcribed text?
Yes. Just tap on the text and you will get the option to save or send it as text message to anyone


Why is the text upside-down on one side of the screen?
The idea is that you are sitting across from the person you are talking to. But if needed the text can be reversed (menu option)

Is an internet connection required to use the app?
Yes. Your audio is sent via internet to OpenAI for post processing

Privacy and Data:

How is my data protected and is my conversation private?
We don't collect any data on our end. Your audio is directly sent and processed by OpenAI. We value privacy, that is why we don't ask for names, emails or logins

Does "Say What?" store or share any of my conversations?
No, we don't store anything. All the data is sent and processed through OpenAI. You can find their privacy policies here: OpenAI


Which devices are compatible?
Right now the app is only available on iOS

How can I provide feedback or get support?
We would love to hear from you. You can reach us via email hello(at)