Why This App?


"Say What?" emerged from a personal need to assist a family member who was experiencing difficulty hearing and understanding spoken words. Before the app, we relied on notepads and flash cards for communication. While this method was resourceful, it became slow and cumbersome over time.

The introduction of OpenAI's technology, capable of converting spoken words into written text, presented a clear solution to ease communication challenges faced by many. Our primary aim was to develop an app that was straightforward and easy to set up, free from unnecessary or confusing features.

Initially designed for use on an iPad, placed between two people in conversation, the app allowed one person to speak while the other read the transcribed words, displayed upside-down on the screen. As the app evolved, its potential for facilitating communication in various settings, including while traveling, became evident. Thus, we expanded its compatibility to all iOS devices.

Today, the app represents a fusion of practical technology and minimalist design. It will continue to evolve with advancing technology, but simplicity remains at its core. There are no logins, no sign-ups, and no tracking of personal data. It's simply a versatile tool for communication, designed for anyone, anywhere.