Transcribe spoken words into simple, easy-to-read text.

Say What? is an AI-powered app designed to assist individuals who have difficulties hearing or understanding spoken language, as well as those in need of language translation.

The app can transcribe speech into simplified, easy-to-read text and translate what is being said into English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, and Japanese if needed.



How it work

"Say What?" uses OpenAI's latest AI technology to convert your spoken words into clear, easy-to-read text. This feature is particularly helpful in facilitating smooth communication with someone who may have difficulty hearing or understanding spoken language.

While recording, simply speak naturally. The app will then send an audio file of your words to the AI, which is responsible for both transcribing and, if necessary, translating the message. This process ensures that no essential information is lost. The resulting message allows conversations to flow smoothly, reducing reading time for the recipient while preserving the original intent of what you've said.

The app can automatically detect and support multiple languages (currently 57), allowing you to receive the output in one of the 6 languages you select from the menu. This capability ensures efficient and accurate transcriptions, whether in the original language or a different one of your choice.

Speech to Text

"Say What?" recognises the language you speak, converts your spoken words into text, and translates it to English, French, Spanish, German, Swedish or Japanese. Simply talk, and the app will transform your words into text, making communication straightforward and clear.


Speak as you always do, and "Say What?" will streamline your words into concise, easy-to-read sentences, ensuring every detail is retained. Tailor your conversation by adjusting the level of simplification right within the app, keeping communication smooth and effortless.

Being able to recognise 57 languages, "Say What?" transcribes and translates them into one of the six major languages available. It’s your handy tool for seamless, multi-lingual communication, with additional languages set to be introduced in future updates.





Unlock the app so you can use your own OpenAI API Key. If you need help getting a key, follow the instructions here.

  • Full access to all the functions

  • Use your own OpenAI API Key

  • Unlimited use and control your own costs

Use the app without having to worry about OpenAI keys or costs. Purchase 100 credits at the time and used them when needed.

  • Don't worry about API Keys

  • Only pay when using the app

  • No subscription fees


In short, 'Say What?' does not collect any privat data from any of its users. Your data is either sent and processed directly by OpenAI, or through our secure server during the trial period. We don't collect emails, phone numbers, location data or even your audio files or transcripts. Please read our detailed terms and privacy policies here: Terms - The privacy policies of OpenAI can be found here: OpenAI And the Apple App store privacy policies are here: Apple